About Us

Our Mission

Where Imagination Comes To Life!

Located on the second floor of the Paul A. Biane Library, Randall Lewis Second Story and Beyond® is an interactive, immersive discovery space imagined in 2017, guided by community feedback and established in 2024 to inspire and encourage a lifelong love of literature, multimodal learning, and child development through explorative play. Our mission is to support parents and caregivers in fostering positive, engaging environments to raise imaginative, inquisitive, and confident children of all ages. 

Our theme-based exhibits such as Cucamonga Peak, Adventure Zone, Creation Station, and Spectacular Senses are designed to give children opportunities to develop motor skills, critical thinking, imagination, and understanding of the world around them. Intuitive, independent play as well as collective, intergenerational, hands-on activities in the Art Studio and STEM Lab are available to our community to enhance the physical, intellectual, social, and emotional learning of children and their families.


Are you looking to become a contract instructor in the Art Studio or STEM Lab to offer classes to the community? Please email info@secondstoryandbeyond.org with the subject: Contract Instructor